Christian Counseling vs. Secular Therapy

Christian Counseling vs. Secular Therapy

Many Christians struggle with mental health problems but don’t seek therapy. Christians tend to fear secular counseling because they believe the therapist will:

  • Ignore spiritual concerns
  • Treat Christian beliefs and experiences as pathological
  • Fail to comprehend spiritual language and concepts
  • Assume that Christian clients share nonreligious culture norms
  • Recommend therapeutic behaviors that Christian consider immoral

Some of the methods used in Christian counseling may be like secular mental health treatments, but often the emphasis suggested in Christian counseling will relate to your spiritual growth and development to promote your relationship with God and others.

Another primary difference between secular and Christian counseling is that Christian counseling utilizes a Biblical worldview. It derives its understanding of who we are, the nature of our problems, why we have these problems and how to resolve them from God’s Word and from mental health research that is compatible with Scripture. It recognizes that we struggle with our flesh, and it is our flesh that impacts our thinking, behaviors and emotions.

I purpose in helping you find freedom in God…

who created you to be, rather than who the culture says you should be. My goal as a Christian counselor is to use sound, evidence-based therapeutic principles that are in alignment with Scripture.

There is hope. You are not alone. Often it just takes someone that you can confide in and talk about those things which are keeping you stuck. Together as we search for solutions in the Bible, we will learn how to invite Jesus to be the “Wonderful Counselor”. I will provide for you a caring, professional ear. I want to hear your story. My goal is to relate to you and your issues with humility and a desire to see you experience who you are in Christ and experience His freedom.

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