Marriage Counseling for Only One

Marriage Counseling for Only One

You may be searching for help in your marriage, but your spouse does not share your enthusiasm for repair. So you may ask, “Can my marriage improve if I come alone to counseling?” The answer is, “YES, it can!”

In a Wall Street Journal article on March 6, 2012 entitled, “Couples Therapy for One: To Fix a Marriage, Some Go Alone,” Elizabeth Bernstein states:

Troubled marriages can benefit even if just one spouse seeks help. At the University of Denver, unpublished results from a five-year longitudinal study of 300 long-term couples suggest that a month or so after receiving relationship-skills training, those who got it as individuals saw as much improvement in their relationships as those who got the training as a couple.

If one marital partner benefits in counseling, the relationship can benefit as well. This is great news when one’s spouse is reluctant to come.

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